Happy Birthday Old Friend

I wrote this two years ago for my friend.  It’s 2013…another year, another birthday.  I think I will re-post this every year for you Old Friend

I have an old Friend.   Friends since the eighth grade.  Who would have guessed, we were so different.  But in our differences we found our “same-ness”.  We had our own language, our own words.  We talked on the phone all night or until one of our Mothers caught us.  We both almost flunked Typing our Senior year because we didn’t do the assignments…we typed notes to each other.  We put thousands of miles on our parent’s cars just driving around.  We were nerds.  I think we probably still are.  We don’t talk on the phone all night anymore.  Our lives changed many years ago.  But, when we see each other…it’s just like old times.  We are old friends. Happy Birthday Old Friend!

2 responses

  1. Oh how this is true! Thanks for reposting. Think I’ll give my old friend a jingle. Mine dates back to summer after 6th grade. Man, are we getting old or WHAT? Love ya, M

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