American Idol and D.W.T.S.

I hate when I get hooked on one of these kinds of shows, it pulls you in and you are addicted. 


(Live from Hollywood….it’s Dancing with the Stars?)  I love that!

I was really pissed sad when Sugar Ray was booted.  He seems like such a sweet guy and his last dance was beautiful.  But, I can’t complain too much because I didn’t vote. 

As far as Disney Girl Chelsy goes, she can dance, she can really dance, but her partner Mark just wants to showcase himself.  I wouldn’t have been at all surprised if they had been eliminated after that stupid Harry Potter dance.  I agree with everything Len Goodman has to say about Mark.

Karate Kid is unbelievable!  He’s 50 or so and he moves like a 20-year-old.  He is smooth, he loves to dance and I want him to win. (Even though I don’t like Ms. Smirnoff or whatever her name is)

The Rapper.  He’s cute, he has a six-pack and a great smile.  He was so excited after his last dance I thought his face was going to crack from smiling too much.  I like him and I want him to win.

The Wrestler.  Who is more endearing than him?  He is graceful and you want to just kiss him when he’s done dancing.  I love him and I want him to win.

The Football Player.  OMG!  When this guy smiles it lights up the place.  I especially love big hunky football players that turn into Fred Astaire-like Guys on that dance floor.  I adore him and I want him to win.

The Model.  That poor thing has gone through a lot in her life.  But she is so skinny that if they didn’t put sparkles and tassels on her costumes you wouldn’t see her.   I like Dmitri, and I admire her but I’m not predicting her to go all the way.

Playboy Bunny girl?  Please.  Like, no way.

Kirstie.  I don’t like her.  I never have liked her.  She is probably a very nice lady.  But, I don’t like her. She always looks like she is sneering.  But she can dance.  It is obvious that the judges or ABC want to keep her in the competition.  She fell down…she lost her shoe…what gives?  But I love Max.  I want him to win.

I’m not making any bets on the winner this year.   They are all too good.

American Idol 

Yes, I know I know!  They are all fantastic.  They are all so talented.  They have great smiles and good hair.  But as far as I am concerned, Paul McDonald is the winner.  Hands down.  Plus I love how he dresses.  I think he is a Doll,  and I want him to win.