My dear friend Laurie F. asked me what this word was…Paczki.  Let me explain.

A PACZKI is a deep-fried piece of dough shaped into a flattened sphere and filled with cheese or other sweet filling. Lemon, strawberry, prune, vanilla custard, chocolate custard, peach…oh the fillings go on and on!!! Then the Pączki are covered with powdered sugar, icing,  or just rolled in sugar or bits of dried orange zest. 

In the large Polish community of Chicago, Pączki Day is celebrated annually by immigrants and locals alike.  Chicago celebrates the festival  of Fat Tuesday by eating these yummy donut-like treats.

Chicago has the largest population of Poles in the U.S., second only to Warsaw.  The Poles have introduced us to a cuisine that is loved by all  Chicagoans. The small city I live in (pop 14,000) has two polish bakeries, two Polish delis,  a small grocery store plus a large grocery store mostly dedicated to European patrons in the area.

So, Fat Tuesday is a day to stuff yourself silly until you are nauseous.  Generally everyone buys these gastrointestinal bombs by the dozens, in this house we cut them in half so we can sample more of the decadent fillings.  Then……you drink Pepto Bismol. 

There is nothing better that going into a delicious smelling bakery on Fat Tuesday and smiling at the Ladies who talk to you in Polish…all you do is point and they box them up!   

Bardzo dziękuję!  


Wikipedia was used for some of the information in this post.

Whadda Mean It’s Gonna Snow?

 Citizens of Chicago!  When the Weatherman tells you that we are being hit by an epic snowstorm…believe them.  When the Weatherman tells you to stay home because driving is too hazardous…listen to them.  Chicagoans…you are making us look like Idiots to the rest of the world.  Smarten up OK?

Chicago Snow Storm 1888

Chicago 1939

Chicago Snow Storm 1949

Chicago Snow Storm 1967

Chicago Snow Storm 1978

Another Chicago Storm 1997

And Another 1999

Another one 1999

AND 2011!

Snow, February, NaBloPoMo

Today, here in Chicago, everyone is talking about the snow storm.  The networks are interrupting shows every ten minutes it seems, to give updates on the weather.  WE KNOW ALREADY!  It’s snowing, it will snow all night, it will snow all day tomorrow and then some.  If I need or want details I will put on the weather channel.  Yeeesh!

The people in charge are warning everyone to stay indoors and most importantly not to drive.  But, the evening news had every reporter they could find, standing outside in this blizzard.  These news people are driving all over after they warn the general public not to drive.  Do we really need to see these people outside in this freezing weather, getting pelted with wet snow?  C’mon ABC, CBS and the rest of you…get inside and stay inside.  This too shall pass.

The start of another month and another challenge from NaBloPoMo to post everyday………………………………….oh no.  I don’t know if I can do it.  All I can think about now is snow.