IKEA – myalgia

My sister recently took me to Ikea.  I had been to Ikea only once, was in and out with my Hubby, he knew what he wanted, got it and we were gone. 

SIS wanted some pieces for a sewing/quilting desk to replace her make-shift tables she has been using.  Before we left, she jokingly said that we should take the small wheelchair…just in case. 

Most of you have been to this mega-multi leveled, room upon room, too many decisions to make in one lifetime store.  I had no idea.  I was an Ikea virgin.

SIS picked out her stuff with the most helpful staff I have even seen.  (Are they real or are they robots?)  Then we walked around and around and through and over and under and over there too.  Then we ate at the Ikea Cafe!  Food…and a place to sit and rest and drink Diet Pepsi!!  Unbelievably we found MORE to look at and touch and ooh and ahh at.  I am a wanna-be decorator.  I worship Vern Yip and Candice Olson and Carter Oosterhouse and Sabrina Soto. 

Carter Oosterhouse - Handyman/Decorator

We had to leave…they were closing…BUT they have cinnamon rolls on the way out!  This is the most marvelous place I have ever seen!  We had such a good time, we were giddy, we would dream decorator colored dreams for days.

When I woke up the next morning I couldn’t move.  Every muscle, bone and cell  in my body was screaming.  I reached for the phone and called my SIS.  She was paralyzed too.  We think we walked about 700 miles…which explained our pain.  IKEA – myalgia.

Yes, we will go back to that marvelous place, buy we might take the small wheelchair and take turns pushing each other.